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Monthly Archives: March 2021

Editors Corner 27-03-2021

Tradematesports: Valuebet Software

This week we took the time to talk to  Trademate Sports, the Robin Hood of the Sport Betting Industry. Just as, don’t like “tipsters” who create paying VIP groups, TMS doesn’t like bookmakers that bans succesfull bettors. Valuebetting is the only way to beat bookmakers and to be profitable in the longterm but how […]

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betting accumulator
Editors Corner 18-03-2021

How do you win big on football accumulators?

Here is an example every bettor has tried: You have put a great accumulator together. Away win, draws, handicaps draw, underdog victory. Seven games of your accumulators have gone home, and you stand to win 12000€ on a 10€ wager. Now you only need the last game, the” easy” and most safe bet in your […]

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Editors Corner 11-03-2021

Is VAR Improving Football?

It’s been a year and a half since VAR has been introduced to the Premier League and ever since then, it seems like each and every week there’s a new controversy surrounding VAR which begs the question, is it actually beneficial? Has it improved the game? Have there been more wrong decisions? And should we […]

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Make a living as a sports bettor
Editors Corner 03-03-2021

Can You Make a Living Sports Betting?

Can You Make a Living Sports Betting? What does it take to become a professional sports bettor? Can you make a living with sports betting? What kind of winning percentage do you need to become a professional sports bettor? What kind of bankroll size do you need to get started? We spoke with a professional […]

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