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What is Draw No Bet betting?

There are many different betting methods out there and one of the more popular ones is Draw No Bet, offered by most online bookmakers. In short, Draw No Bet is a safer bet. Draw No Bet is also referred to as DNB and in this  article, we will go through exactly what this betting method is and give you a few examples.

Draw No Bet?

To put it simply, a draw result in this betting market will always return the full stake to the person who made the bet. In a Draw No Bet the X option has been removed, which offers the bettor one more layer of protection. Now, instead of the typical three-way market (1, X, 2), you are left with only two different options to choose from. This is either 1 (Home team win) or 2 (Away team win).

Let’s take a look at a real example to help give you a full understanding of a DNB.

Imagine that Chelsea is playing against Manchester United. You feel like there’s a big chance that Chelsea is going to win the game, so you could place a bet on Chelsea as the game-winner (1). But you also feel like that it is going to be a difficult match and that it could just as well end in a draw. In this case, you can place your bet on Chelsea for a Draw No Bet (1 DNB).

  • If Chelsea wins = You’ve won on your bet.
  • If the game ends in a draw = You get your full stake back, so you’ve lost nothing.
  • If Manchester United wins = You’ve lost on your bet.


Draw No Bet Odds

As the odds on a DNB is much safer than a regular bet, the odds  is naturally also lower than a standard bet. They are, however, reasonably lower. The odds are calculated to make sure you hold profit from the stake placed on X for cover.

Example: In a game with the regular odds like 1 = 1,72, X = 4,20, and 2 = 4,33, the DNB odds would typical look like 1DNB = 1,30, X = Stake returned, and 2DNB 3,40. The odds are of course lower because the risk is lower.


3 Reasons To Use Draw No Bet

  •  If you want to place a bet on an outsider. With a DNB, the value is there.
  • In a game where you also think there is a big chance of a draw. With a Draw No Bet, there is a significantly reduced risk of losing.
  • If you believe a team losing in-play is going to change the game and win.


Alternatives to Draw No Bet

There is a chance that your bookmaker simply isn’t offering this type of bet. Luckily, you can create a DNB in alternative ways yourself. Here are two different methods you can use:

  • Placing an extra bet on draw

This method is very simple. You play your chosen stake on a home or away win, and then you place one more bet on draw. The bet placed on draw should be the same amount divided by the odds of a draw. This way, your bet on draw will cover your losses on your total bet.


Full stake available: 30 EUR

Match Odds: 1 (6.00) X (3.00) 2 (1.40)

Now take your full stake (30 EUR) and divide it with the odds for a draw (3.00). This equals 10 Euro. This means that you should place a bet of 10 EUR on X and the remaining stake of 20 EUR on 1. Now, this bet works exactly as a DNB.

If the game ends in a draw, you get all your stakes back (30 EUR). Just like you would go with a DNB. If you win the bet, you’ll get the 20 EUR x 6.00 = 120 EUR.

  • Using Asian Handicap 0

Another alternative way to create a DNB bet is using a 0 Asian Handicap. All you have to do is to place an Asian Handicap 0 bet on the team you think will win. In other words, a 0:0 Asian Handicap (AH 0) is the exact same as a DNB. If it is impossible to find a Draw No Bet on your bookmaker, you could look for a 0:0 Asian Handicap.


Be Careful Before Choosing The Draw No Bet Option

As you can see, the DNB option can, in many cases, be a smart bet to place. However, you should also be careful with the odds offered by your bookmaker, as selecting the DNB option actually sometimes isn’t the best option. Sometimes DNB has the best odds, sometimes the “Placing an extra bet on draw” has the best, and sometimes “Asian Handicap 0” has the best returns. So, if you really care about the small differences and getting as much as possible out of your bet, you should always compare these three methods before finally placing your bet.



There is no doubt that DNB can be a great bet to place. It is an excellent way to protect yourself from losing on a bet. One of the better bookmakers for DNB is as the have some the best odds on this betting method. DNB is especially useful if you are a patient player, who enjoys using safer kinds of bets, or overall use it as a betting strategy. After all, a lot of games end in a draw, so why not take advantage of that?

We genuinely hope that this article helped you understand the concept of Draw No Bet and how you can use it in your betting strategy to increase your profits!

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