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Who doesn’t want free betting tips today? The problem is to find them from a good and trustable source. We have looked and tested a few betting prediction companies and we feel that Betting Goods is one of the good ones, when it comes to betting prediction tips and sportbetting.

Betting Tips Nigeria

Betting tips 1×2 is a massive search term in Nigeria and there are hundreds of sites that promise you a sure prediction tip today or tomorrow. Sportsbetting in Nigeria is tough and nobody can guarantee you sure betting tips and you shouldn’t believe a site if they claim to be able.

Best Free Betting Service: Betting Goods

Betting Goods is a very trustable source for free betting tips and has existed since 2014 and has over 1 million users per month. The reason why we have chosen Betting Goods is primarily because they are trustworthy, transparent and provide high betting value.

Start With Free Tips

When looking for football tips in Nigeria or simply betting prediction tips, then you shouldn’t sign up right away. Always test the betting service first and then make up your mind. Betting Goods offer you free betting tips on many sports but primarily Football, horseraces, tennis, rugby, handball and hockey. All you need to do is to sign up and receive the today betting tips from one of their tipsters.

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Betting Goods Benefits

  • Trustworthy
  • Free betting tips sent over mail
  • Only quality tipsters
  • very transparent with stats over wins & losses
  • cheap subscription for VIP betting tips

Win With Betting

Winning on sportsbetting is not easy. It requires patience, research, time and great insight. Most people don’t have the time to research all bets, teams, players in order to find quality bets, so why not let professionals work for you?

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Regular Monthly Income

When you test the free sportbetting tips, then you will realize that certain tipsters are very profitable and can give you a steady income from betting. Imagine getting 360 or 314£ every month or even more! Most tipsters offer a 10 day trial with them where you only pay 99p for 10 days. Almost 974.65 Nigerian Naira!

Bet With Professionals

Betting is hard and its even harder to find help and good betting tips in nigeria. So why not at least try the free Football tips or horse betting advices? Like we said, betting goods has been around for a long time now and they show all their stats, so you can feel comfortable, if you decide to maybe become a VIP betting member. Look below here how transparent their stats are while remaining incredible profitable

Nigerian Football Betting Tips

Winning Prediction Site

Betting Goods do all the research, analysis, stats and will send you all the best winning predictions from their site straight to your email. Without a doubt, one of the best and most honest winning prediction sites online, so why not just try their free betting tips first and decide later.

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Sports Betting Nigeria

Sports betting has been a popular sport in England for years and many other countries for decades. Now it is also possible to take the plunge here in Nigeria, and there are many who have done so. For the upcoming events football, many are expected to play and are also winning big.

Sports betting can be translated as betting on sports and it is about guessing the outcome of a match, a set or an entire tournament. Football is particularly popular when it comes to sports betting in Nigeria, but there is also interest in sports such as boxing, tennis and golf.

It is of course called sports betting because it is about sports, but there are also other types of betting. For example, you can bet an amount on who will become prime minister at the next general election or who will win a specific TV show.

Betting, and this applies regardless of whether it is a general election or football, can be done in the local shop, in a gambling hall or online. Online, you can play both from a computer, tablet and mobile phone, where you log into your account at the gaming portal you use. Here you place an amount on the outcome you believe in, for example whether the home team will win, whether the away team will win or whether the match will end in a draw.

So you decide for yourself whether you want to stop by your local shop or whether you would rather sit at home on your sofa and cultivate your interest in sports betting. That way you are not limited, as was the case before technological development really took off and we got all the modern communication tools we have today.

Where can I get betting prediction tips in Nigeria?

Many places but for safety, trust and profit, we recommend Betting Goods, where you daily receive betting tips.

Can I get free betting tips

Yes, even here on betsare, we add free betting tips so everyone can win. Otherwise, its a good idea to sign up to a site like betting goods

Football betting tips online in Nigeria are not very good, why?

Primarily because there are many scam sites. With betting goods you can clearly see stats, bets, odds for each tipster and you can always cancel your service.