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Betting online on sports games is not becoming increasingly popular;  it’s the only way these days if you want the best odds. The aim with is to display the best betting tips from some of the best sports better and give all us a chance to place quality bets with value. I also want to give people, who are new to online betting, my personal opinion of some of the many online bookmakers out there.

Unlike other sites, I don’t believe in writing 3 pages of SEO related content for each Bookmaker. I believe in personal preferences, recommendation and simplicity.

The only way to truly determine whether of not, you like a bookmaker, is to visit and examine the site yourself. Below you will find my personal favourites and some of the professional bettors favourites. So please have a click around, see what you like and try some of the great welcome bonuses.

Betting online on sports games is becoming increasingly popular and more and more people want to know how to get into it. The primariy aim with this site is to display the best betting tips from some of the best sports better. Next, I also want to give people who are new to online betting some great tips on how they can become better and my recommended bookmakers.

Online betting should be a fun and entertaining experience. Winning is never guaranteed and even the best sports better will loose from time to time.  If you wish to be successful with your sportsbetting, you should try to educate yourself, follow a strategy and understand the basics. Hopefully, by following the advices in my articles, you will be able to profitable and have a better chance of winning with your online bets.

When you open a new bookmaker account, you generally receive a bookmaker welcome bonus, which will get you started.

The details of the Bookmaker Bonuses often  vary depending on the country in which you are based. One thing, you should always remember is to read the terms and conditions.

Here at,  we have selected some of the world’s biggest bookmakers who are fair and offer you a great chance to make money with their welcome bonuses. However, there are a few things, you should consider before signing up.

Choose the Best Bookmaker Site for You: Check-list

  • Welcome Offer Tips – All sorts of welcome offers are out there, and you just need to find the right one for you. This might depend on whether you do a lot of or a little betting. Also, be aware of promo codes as often these are required, make sure you understand the offer you go for and above all, choose responsibly.
  • Loyalty Offers – Practically all betting sites will have special offers for members to keep you loyal to their site.
  • Streaming – Bet365, Paddy Power, Betfair, Ladbrokes and some others include the streaming of some sports in their packages. They won’t be the big UK events but there are still some decent sports games offered.
  • Betting Markets – You will need to do your own research before you start betting. Decide which sports and types of games you will be betting on and get to know their markets for a good chance of success.
  • The Best Odds – It is not as easy as you might think to find the best odds. All the bookmakers will claim they have them obviously! A good tactic is to sign up with a few different betting companies and choose the best odds as you go.
  • Which interface to choose – This is really up to which interface appeals to you most. Make sure you choose one which you find user-friendly and is not too slow.
  • Using Your Phone – As you would expect most betting sites are now set up so you can use your mobile and many have apps.
  •  Reputation – Reputation is everything these days for all businesses. The same goes for betting companies. Research their reputation before signing up.
  • Payment – It makes sense to pick a betting site with a good range of payment options. This might include debit/credit card, PayPal and e-wallet, for example. Above all though, ensure that guarantees are given regarding security with tools such as SSL.
  • Signing up – Signing up will only take a few minutes with most bookmakers. Be aware that many also use and identity verification scheme.

Our check-list should have given you all you need to choose a good site for you. There is not necessarily one best site, it is about preference and how you will be using the site. If you bet across the board on all sorts of sports, most of the big ones will be fine. If, however, you have a particular sport in mind, you might need to research a little further.

Best Online Bookmaker Sites 2021

If you haven’t really got the time and patience for extensive research, don’t worry, that’s where we come in! We have done the researching we have narrowed it down to 5 online bookmakers. Why only 5? There are so many others? Yes, thats correct but we believe in quality over quantity and we do not see the point in promoting bookmakers we do not know or trust. Whats important is to be able to fully trust your online bookmake, have plenty of support and great odds. Its not a great experience if you sign up for a good welcome bonus, only to learn, that the support is bad or the odds is much lower than anywhere else.






There are various reasons why these companies come out on top of our Best Online Bookmakers list and these can be applied to other betting sites too.

1: Trust – Perhaps the main reason why these bookmakers are on the list is because of the reputation they have. They have been in the industry for a long time and had the time and opportunity to build up customers’ trust, being large, long-standing companies. This doesn’t mean that smaller, newer companies cannot be trusted, but just worth bearing in mind. Trust is really important in the online betting world as you need to be confident you are being offered the best odds, so you can make the most profit!

  1. Promotions– A decent bookmaker will have good promotional offers such as free bets, return stakes or enhanced winnings, especially for existing, loyal consumers.
  2. Security– Like with so many online services these days, you will be giving your personal details and banking details to whichever sites you choose. Check the security protection used by a site before signing up. Also, it is crucial that the site is regulated by your country’s Gambling Commission, and of course, is legal.

We at are focused on finding and providing you with knowledge of the best, most secures, offers, promotions and promotion codes from the top betting companies.

Our website gives you access to our research about sports site tests and applications. In addition, we provide unbiased advice to help you choose the perfect betting site for you.

What is Online Sports Betting?

Very simply, betting online is similar to what you would do in a betting shop, but you have the ease of just betting from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. This is very convenient  as you don’t need to leave your house!

As well as websites, most bookmakers now have online sports betting apps for mobile phones. This is great as you can play on the go wherever you are and don’t need a PC or laptop.

There are lots of advantages of online betting compared with offline betting (or going to the bookies!)

  • It can be time-consuming booking in-store as you may have to wait for the processing of slips.
  • Time-wise, you need to get to the betting shop in time for the event, while still being able to get good odds.
  • Online, you can put bets on before the match and during the match.
  • Online, you have a cash-out option.
  • You are often given live-streaming opportunities of an interesting variety of international games.
  • Most often, you are given better odds and a bigger variety.

Restrictions will vary depending on the company and the country. Always check out the terms and conditions for details regarding security, payments, withdrawal and deposits, registration, placing bets, age restrictions and general terms of use.

Players must be 18 or above. Proof of identity will be necessary upon opening an account and there may be regular checks during the time you hold the account. Passport, driving license and ID are the main documents accepted for this

For protection from identity fraud, betting companies ensure you are who you say you are by asking for provision of a bank account statement of an image of your bank card.

One last common term and condition is related to where you live. Some countries have different restrictions regarding betting so you may be unable to register if you live in a certain country. Likewise, this could apply to offers and promotions.

How do I place a bet online?

Placing online bets is easier than you might think. Before you start, just make sure you have money in your account and are logged in! Then follow our helpful steps:

  • Look at up-to-date form reports and statistics so you are fully-informed.
  • Find your desired sports section and the options available for betting.
  • Choose your odds, add to your bet-slip and press enter.
  • Press the Place Bet or Confirm button.
  • Click on Place Multiple Bets if you want to add more.

How should I use bonuses and free bets?

Most companies offer free bets and bonuses to existing customers to ensure their loyalty or to new customers to attract them to their site. Check the T&Cs to find out how to redeem them as this varies according to the site. Once you have redeemed them, they are put on your account as part of your usable credit.

How do I use a betting promo code?

You need a betting promo code to redeem your free bets and bonuses. They are located in the sign-up section in the form of a letter/number combination. You then enter the code when requested; this might be when setting up a new account or as an existing customer. Be aware that betting promo codes have an expiry date so don’t miss them.

What Types of Bookmaker Welcome Bonus Can You Get?

When you open a sports betting account, there are many different types of bookmaker welcome bonuses. Here is a few of them explained.

Free Bet Sign up Offers

Generally speaking free bet offers for new customers are very simple with a minimum deposit limit initiating a free bet offer which is activated once your first qualifying bet is settled. Sometimes there might be a 24-hour or 48-hour delay before the free bet is visibly in your account. You might have to place your qualifying bet(s) at minimum odds, so scan through the key terms and conditions to establish whether there is a requirement

First Deposit Bonus

Most bookmaker offers a bonus on a customer’s first deposit, so that you effectively see your welcome bonus from the moment that your betting account is funded. A bookmaker offering a 100% deposit bonus would mean you could deposit €100 and effectively have a betting balance of €200 right away.

However, there would be no option to withdraw any of your balance until certain wagering requirements are fulfilled. Deposit bonuses like this generally mean that you have to turn over your original stake and the bonus money a certain number of times before you can make a withdrawal. A bookmaker will often indicate how much more you have to bet through in order to make a first withdrawal. It’s worth noting that the higher the turnover requirement would mean it’s less likely that you will come out on top against the bookmaker.

No Deposit Free Bets

Strictly speaking, this means that you do not have to make a deposit to enjoy a free bet sign up offer bonus. Normally these do come with low winning potential, such as a 10-25€ max.

Which betting site should I choose?

It’s hard to say which are the best sites for you as there are so many and various variables. It will depend mainly on the sports you are interested in, but also where you are in the world, amongst other things. The main markets are football, tennis, baseball, NFL and racing. There are smaller markets for other sports which you may be into as well though such as Gaelic football.

Joining a Betting Site: Protecting Yourself

Unless you are going for one for one the top well-known sites, you may be worried about the legitimacy of the site and if you will be scammed in any way. Anything we recommend will be legit and safe.  But if you want to check out other for yourself, please follow our checklist.

  • Do they have a gambling license? – All legitimate betting sites must have one and it must be easy to find for consumers.
  • Are their deposit options normal? – An example of a normal deposit option is PayPal. If they are using deposit options you have never hear of or insisting on Bitcoin, be wary.
  • Do they have an address on their website? Online betting companies without an actual address may be untraceable and thus head off with their consumers’ money at some point! Check if there is an address stated and that it exists.
  • Do they have relatively good reviews? – We use the review system for everything these days, and although it is not perfect, it gives us a general idea. The same goes for betting sites. Also, check out Trust Pilot it is the main trustworthiness review site around.

If you are being offered huge bonuses compared to other sites or being told you have won large amounts, it’s likely to be a scam.

There are so many elements to choosing the perfect booking site for you. Have a look at the key questions below to start with and we can think about more detail later.

  • Is it a trustworthy site?
  • Can you bet on you mobile?
  • How many betting markets are featured?
  • Is the customer support good?
  • Are the odds competitive?
  • Are there reputable payment methods?
  • Is the site user-friendly?
  • Are there offers for new customers?
  • Are there offers for existing customers?

We used the questions above when conducting our research to try and find the best online betting sites for 2020. Please remember that these are only recommendations though and the final decisions rest with you.

Is your Betting Site Trustworthy?

It is so important that your betting site is trustworthy, not just regarding payment and personal security, but to be trusted to supply you the deals they say they are offering etc. It is a lot easier with the well-known bookmakers to know if they are trustworthy, but with newer smaller companies, it can be a bit tricky. Reviews provided from sites like this re a great way of ensuring a new bookmaker is trustworthy, but there are other things you can do to.

  • Check the site is registered and legal (according to the gambling commission). This information should be available on the home page of their site.
  • Make sure there is assurance that your personal and payment details are secure. Information regarding security will be found in the legal or help sections of the website.
  • See if the betting site offers competitive odds by comparing with other sites.
  • Compare how many markets (different sports etc.) are offered by comparing with other betting sites.
  • Check to see what promotions are available on a new betting site, not just the initial welcome offers.

Is Your Betting Site User-friendly?

Check to see how easy it is to navigate around the betting site of your choice. Can you find the different sections easily? Do the pages load quickly or slowly? You want to have the best betting experience possible, not be frustrated by a badly designed website.

Are You Protecting Yourself Against Risk?

As we all know, gambling of any kind can be addictive and also mistakes can happen. You certainly don’t want to end up losing a lot of money. It is a good idea to set limits to your betting, just as you would only take a certain amount of cash to a casino in the old days! Make sure the site has options for you to do this, and will accept small stakes.

Why should I choose online betting and especially new companies?

There are many advantages to online betting over going into a betting shop. The following of some of the key advantages:

  • You can bet whenever you like
  • You can bet from wherever you choose
  • There is a better selection of markets
  • More promotions are offered
  • Welcome bonuses are offered
  • Better odds

As for new companies, well, they are competing hard with the more well-known betting sites, so will likely have some fantastic deals, offers and promotions available. Have a look around but always be vigilant.

Customer Service

When you look for the best bookmake or any bookmaker, its very important to know that you can be offered premium customer service for any queries you may have.  All of the football betting sites we have listed here on this page have great customer service who will be ready to help you.

If the bookmaker you are interested in, does not offer any customer service like email support, live chat help or a phone number, you should reconsider whether or not you would like to join them. We personally recommend Live Chat as you can quickly resolve any issue instead of emailing or phoning.

The best and biggest online bookmakers can be found on social media which is assuring but also another way of contacting them, should you have any issues. The Bookmakers we promote here on this site, have all been tested personally.

What Are the Best Online Bookmakers for Live Betting?

Live betting is a great way to conduct sport betting but it is not a sure way to be making money. The bookmaker sites are watching the games and are constantly changing the odds even with a slight delay in their favour.

What it can do, is to allow you to make better and more informed decisions which all helps you to get an edge. For example, if a team is struggling and under pressure, you can bet the other team to scorer first. If a team is constantly playing over the wings and getting corners after corners, you can go for that line.

The sites we have listed on this page are the best options for live betting but not necessarily the only sites you should use. Using multiple sites can have its advantages like, it enables you to have different sites for different purposes. You might use one site for betting on football and another for betting on Tennis.It all comes down to personal preferences and even though many sports books look the same, they can have different features.