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Betting As Investment

Betting Investment

If you can manage your money properly and win more than you lose, then you probably make money betting on football than investing in stocks.

After all, what is the big difference between sports and stock investment ? To most people, sports betting is just a hobby and that is absolutely fair enough.
Other people see it as a way to earn money on a consistent basis. Investing in sports betting can actually be a very low risk activity just like picking profitable stocks

Personally I find it much more fun and interesting than the stock market but that’s me. Either way, if you want to be profitable in sports betting, you absolutely should start to treat your betting as an investment activity.

Here are three reasons why betting on sports is better than investing in stocks:


When you invest in stocks, bonds or other commodities, it can take months or years before you see any return on your investment.
In sports betting, your investment (bets) is much more fluid since a match is over in 90 min. Obviously, you can make long term bets, like who wins the championship or who becomes the top scorer of the season.



The majority of people who bet on sports lose money. Period. Sports betting is not easy otherwise everybody would do it, and you want to beat the market, you need to find value which takes research. So if patiently grind away and analyse your bets before placing them, then you are probably better than 95% of the all the other bettors out there.

Most people, they bet when they watch the game in the pub, they bet with their gut, they don’t research, and the term value betting is a town in Russia to them.
And then we have the stock market where millions of well-educated men and women, whose job is to sell and buy stocks all day for huge companies. These people rely heavily on technology, have years of experience, advanced system to help them prevent losses and they don’t fool around.

Loosing on the betting market is sort of expected and normal since it’s just a hobby for most. Not quite the same mentality on Wall Street.



Betting or Stocks? Regardless of the two, you need to do some research.
The problem with researching a company is that you can’t find what you need. All company websites are nice, full of value propositions and great promises, but a lot of companies play with their numbers. In fact, most companies will do everything they can to hide their numbers in order to avoid scaring off investors and see their stock price go down.

Football and sports in general are much more transparent and you can find almost everything you need like injury reports, key stats, player stats, team stats, etc.
You can watch the teams play in person, online, or home and form your own opinion. If not, then you can read a ton of sports sections to tell you what you want to know.



Betting is gambling, and most people associate gambling with something negative for obvious reasons. But is it gambling when you are making more money than actually loosing? Trading with stocks is just as a high risk since prices fluctuate, they go up, down and some stocks become worthless.

Just think back to the big global financial crisis in 2008 where a lot of people lost all their money because they were tied up in ”safe” stocks.

There is no right or wrong, only what you think has the best outcome for success. If you are more comfortable with Apple and Google stocks, fine, go for it. But if you love sports, place some bets here and there but want to get better then start treating betting as investment.