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What Is Bet Builder

If you have been surfing around the internet reading about betting, you have without a doubt heard about Bet Builder , also sometime simply called BB bets.. To put it simply, a Bet Builder builds their own bets for football games and other sports like tennis. However, one of the unique things about a Bet Builder is that you can include related contingencies with your own bet. This is also what sets them apart from just another accumulator wager.

With a bookmaker’s bet builder, you get to build your own long bet, where you can combine a series of betting markets in one bet. Of course, the more bets you add, the higher the odds. It is essentially a way of making a unique bet without having to call the bookmaker. Ideally, you should avoid putting to many combinations together which is something we have already covered here.

Related Contingencies

While “Related contingency” may seem complicated, it is actually elementary. A related contingency is a scenario where one bet affects the outcome of the other bets on the best builder. For example, if you are betting on Real Madrid to win a game with more than two goals. Why not just throw all other odds on that coupon through bet builder that you also would win on? Like Real Madrid’s victory, Real Madrid scores two goals, and so on. For this reason, bookmakers won’t allow you to place two bets on a coupon that are linked to each other.

Some years ago, bookmakers came up with a new betting method to solve this problem. You have probably heard the scorecast, timecast, and wincast bets, making it possible for you to choose a goal scorer and a correct time of goal/results / correct score. These types of bets are one bet consisting of a packaged bet for two related contingencies. A BB bet just takes that concept even further and allows you to fully customise your own personalised bet.

Why Bookmakers Has Created Bet Builder

Now you know what related contingencies are, but why in the world would bookmakers allow you to add related contingencies on a BB bet? The reason behind this is actually pretty simple. The more different odds you add to the bet builder, the larger and longer the odds will be, but so will the bookmaker’s percentage cut.

So in other words, the more that is being added through the bet builder, the more the bookmaker actually stands to make.

As using a Bet builder actually is the only way for a player to get what they want, which is combining different betting markets on one coupon, the bookmaker doesn’t care about having great odds. In fact, they don’t care about the odds at all.

As customers, you’re on the bookmaker’s platform, and you can either like the odds in the best builder or dislike it. Of course, this is a neat scenario for bookmakers. With a BB, the bookmaker gives the players something they have wanted forever, with percentages that are best for the bookmaker already from the beginning.

That is also why you would see a lot of ads for Bet builders. They are profit-makers for bookmakers!

How Does Bet Builder Work?

Now you know what related contingencies are and why bookmakers happily offer Bet builders to their clients. Let’s take a look at how Bet builder’s work. When finding an offer you want to bet on, you hit the “Bet Builder” option on that bet. From this point, you will see a long list of potential bets that you can add to your bet. Typically, you can’t add any more than six bets or games to the coupon.

Typical Offerings For A Football Match.


  •  Both teams score a goal
  •  Result at half time
  • Result at full time
  • Number of goals in the game
  • Number of corners
  • Player to score first, whenever in the game, or last
  • Player to score three or more goals
  •   Player gets a card
  • Red card in the game
  • Total cards given in the game

The list obviously doesn’t show all opportunities, but it brings you a good overview of the most used betting methods.

More often than not, you are “only” able to add six of these bets to the Bet builder of your choice.

Things To Remember When Using BB.

First of all, it is worth remembering that bookmakers only are making Bet Builders an active part of your bookmaking system because they can play with your odds. Another essential factor to remember is that you can’t cash out when using a bet builder.

If, for example, you have placed a standard bet on a team, and they take the lead 2-0 in the game, you can cash out early before the game is over, with some bookmakers. You can’t, however, cash out on a Bet builder bet, even with the same bookmaker.

In other words, this means that you have to let a bet you made with the Bet builder service play out, as you can’t cash out on the bet mid-game. Additionally, it is essential to remember that if just one of the several bets you have on your bet builder coupon fails, the entire bet is lost.

When creating the bet builder coupon, you might feel like that is a risk you are willing to take, but you have to at least consider that before placing the bet.



All in all, the Bet Builder service is a great choice if you want to have relative contingencies on your bet and if you want to create large potential winnings on a game. Bet builders are, however, also a risk-filled type of betting. There are pros and cons for using a Bet builder. But what you should focus on is finding and adding your own value to the bet.

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