Editors Corner

Irish football and other football subjects will be discussed and scrutinised by our Editor and our guests with exciting blog news.

Make a living as a sports bettor

Can You Make a Living Sports Betting?

Can You Make a Living Sports Betting? What does it take to become a professional…

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Cork City Football

The Fall of Cork City Football

How could one of Irelands biggest football clubs fall from grace so much. We take…

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Jonas Piechnik

Irish Football & Danes

Irish Football & Danes Irish football have seen many foreigners in the LOi but very…

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Betting Tips

Betting Tips Sportsbetting should be fun and profitable. The fun part is easy enough if…

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Betshare.tips Update

Profitable Start Betshare.tips shared its first football betting tip on 03.01.2021 and since then, we…

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Irish Football Need To Rebuild

Five Players For Kenny

Irish Football Need To Rebuild Its 2021 and Irish football need to find themselves and…

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