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Sure Win Prediction Today

Sure win prediction today

Don’t you love it? Betting is so easy. There are so many Facebook groups, websites and betting experts online that can guarantee you profit every day.

Everyone seem to be profitable, and why not? If people say they are experts and can predict sure winners today, then what’s the problem? Listen carefully now, the problem is that they are trying to sell you garbage.

It’s shocking and funny to read all the sites and Facebook groups that promise you sure bets and fixed games with boatloads of money to be made from betting. In reality, it’s sad to see so many scammers doing so much harm to the betting industry. No wonder why people instantly associate gambling with something bad as these kinds of activities make people lose money and sends them in downright spiral towards misery.

Match Fixed Games

Honestly, try to type “Match fixed games” into google and you will be spoiled for choices. The fact, that these sites are allowed to online is actually beyond me as it is pure scam.

Sure win prediction today

People, websites and groups that advertises ”Sure win prediction today” have no intention of giving you a well-researched betting tip. Their aim is to get your attention and get you to sign up to a premium betting service or simply steal your money.

On Facebook you can find 1000 of groups that promises you 100% winners, match fixing and even if you are not looking for them, then the find you.

Its standard practice for the groups to offer you your money back if their fixed games should fail. Marcus from Denmark got tempted and was told that he had won 20.000€ but needed to pay 2000€ for the transfer. He took three loans, paid and never heard back from the guy.

It’s a sad story and many would probably say it’s his own fault for being so naïve which is partly true. The real problem is the occurrence of these scams which are facilitated by social media. Anyone can create a profile, pretend to be part of betting syndicate or a fulltime sports better living in a mansion in Dubai.


In sports betting, there is no such thing as a sure bet, and anyone who tell you otherwise is a liar and probably want your money or simply want traffic to his site. The only way to make money from sports betting is to consider it as an investment, and take it seriously as it was a real job.

That means you need to put time, effort and dedication into your research before you place your bets. Whenever your bets go wrong, you need to take a minute to evaluate what went wrong? Was the information wrong? Did I overlook something? Or did something change the dynamics in the match that you couldn’t prevent, like red cards?

If you are looking for betting inspiration, then there are many great betting sites online but choose carefully. Keep an eye on their expert betting tips and see if they are profitable. Do they display their loosing stats or only their winners? If yes, then it is a good sign. Do they simply want you to sign up to a VIP group? Do they want your email for great bookmaker offers or sell you betting books? If yes, then they may have their own interest at heart rather than yours.

Free Bets Are Better was created to help people on their betting journey by collecting free football tips while displaying our wins and losses. We don’t pretend to be the best betting site in the world, but we try to be transparent in our approach to betting and educate people in all it facets. Betting online should be fun, entertaining and why not profitable at the same time.

Bookmakers have already won before you sign up since their odds are unfair, so you need to be smarter than them and look for value. Our bets are research by betting experts who work for respectable betting sites. They all come with analysis but since we source from more than 8 countries, we can’t translate them and upload them here. We simply just share them.

We don’t ask for emails and we don’t promote 35 bookmakers but only a small handful of the best. We don’t try to sell anything as the mission is to create a portal for knowledge, betting truth and free betting tips.

So, whenever you see “Sure win prediction today” or “Match fixed games” or  “100% winning bets”, please just pretend you didn’t see it. You are much better of playing single bets with value, following a strategy and sensible bankroll management. Stay away from accumulators and try to become an expert in one or two lower leagues.

Alternatively, you are much better off getting some free football tips from experts like this site here:

Where can I get free football bets? offers free bets from professional sports bettors for free. Otherwise you could also get from betting goods as they are very good.

Does match fixed games work and where can I get them?

Honestly, don’t do it. Most of the times its a scam and they are never for sale these games.