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How do you win big on football accumulators?

betting accumulator

Here is an example every bettor has tried: You have put a great accumulator together. Away win, draws, handicaps draw, underdog victory. Seven games of your accumulators have gone home, and you stand to win 12000€ on a 10€ wager. Now you only need the last game, the” easy” and most safe bet in your accumulator. Everything goes to plan; your team is winning but in the 97th min of overtime the goalkeeper comes up on the last corner and scissor kicks in it.

It’s always the” last” game. Personally, I have tried this so many times that I would have been a millionaire if somebody gave me a €1 for every time that have happened.

Betting accumulators also known as acca’s, combos, parlay double bets, is one of the most used methods in the betting industry. Primarily because every bookmaker is trying to hook or offer these bets to new and existing customers constantly. The reality is that accumulators are not profitable. They are great fun, doesn’t require a high stake and are often premade for you by the bookmakers.

In fact, Bookmakers will do everything they can to make these accumulator bets look attractive to bettors. This is where they make all their profit but from a sport betting perspective, you really should not use accumulators! You will lose more than you win from a mathematical point of view.

But if you want some fun for the weekend or just play for fun there is no harm in combining a few games and enjoy the game. After all, Accumulators can offer great odds and pay-outs but just bear in mind, that its closer to a lottery ticket than anything else.

But you can make it more profitable and increase your win rate if you try to incorporate some of these tips.


Few Games. Not Many

The first advice to success with your football accumulators is to make sure there you don’t include too many teams. I found that the sweet spot in terms of getting value on your accumulator is no more than four teams on your football accumulator.

You don’t want to be having these accumulators where you have eight ten fifteen teams. Let’s take a look at the odds of winning with the following:

  • Two teams accumulators: 33%
  • Three teams: 14%
  • Four team: 6.3%

As you can see then your chances of winning quickly drops, the more games you add to your accumulator.


Get Better Odds

Don’t look too much at Premiership games. Okay, it’s great to watch if you have the actual game on your accumulator but the odds will be lower. Bookmakers knows exactly what happens in the big leagues and will give you low odds all day long. You are better off if you look for bets in other and smaller leagues where you may have edge over the bookmakers.  Go to leagues in Scandinavian for example or in South American leagues particularly as you’ll get much better odds which will overall increase the value of your accumulator.


Protect Your Accumulator

Accumulators are by default hard to hit and its often more luck than skills that determines whether you win or lose. What you should consider to do incorporate is systems, like 3/5 or 5/7. You get to put 7 games together and can afford to miss 2 games on the accumulator. Obviously, the cost is a bit higher, but so could your winning rate also be. And it is more fun to actually win a little instead of losing everything in the 97th min.

DNB or Asian handicaps options are also excellent choices for safeguarding your accumulator. One of the best and more popular betting methods is the bet builder option. Here you can combine a number of betting combinations in one single game and you are in control.



  • Ideally, Avoid accumulators, especially the ones from the Bookmakers
  • Don’t combine too many games
  • Find better odds by avoiding high profile games
  • Protect your accumulator by using system, DNB and Asian Handicaps
  • Use bet-builder to construct your own value accumulator.