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Last year, right before the corona crisis kicked in, my brother told me that he earned around 10,000€ on betting. I was surprised because he usually bet for fun and usually he would tell the same story of how he lost the opportunity of winning 300€ in the 94min. But he told me that he had been following 3-5 guys on twitter who really know their stuff. Basically, these guys on Twitter are fulltime sports betters(thats what their twitter profile says) and they post a lot of bets everyday. I was really curious so I jumped on Twitter, created an account and I started to follow these guys and I must admit they were really good but you had to be super fast and place the bets within 1 min, otherwise the odds would drop.

Anyway, it was exciting to follow these guys and it was like Christmas when your iPhone would start pinging in your pocket and you would throw everything and open your Bet365 account. It went on like this for a couple of months untill it was suddenly announced: ” Dear followers, the time has come and I will start a private group with only 150 people and membership is 100€ a month, please sign up”…..

Anti-Robin Hoods of The Sports-Betting Community.

Suddenly I understood everything. I thought we were kind of having a betting community with banter and a common goal to beat the Bookmakers but actually no. These guys, the fulltime sports bettors, were looking for likes & followers, so they could get a pay check of 15,000€ every month. I mean, its super intelligent, I understand, I get it, nobody’s time is for free, they are good, etc but thats not for me. If they truly were and are fulltime bettors, then they wouldn’t have to ask people to sign up. Period. The revenue is not coming from the Bookmakers but from the Bookmakers customers. These so called sports bettors are nothing more than the Anti-Robin-Hoods of the betting industry.

Bookmakers make billions

Anyway, its their choice and peoples choice if they want to sign up. I walked away and got busy with life and the incoming corona disaster. But even though when all football events got cancelled and the weekends seemed pointless without sport, I kept thinking about the twitter experience. ” Why couldn’t they just share”. I am not poor myself or cheap but in this particular industry, the gambling industry, where these huge enterprises make so much money on people, why not share the knowledge, so we can beat the bookmakers?

Yeah, it sounds very patriotic and bla bla but think about it. Bookmakers make billions on people who has no clue on what fair odds mean. Bookmakers make billions on people who are addicted to gambling or may end up with gambling problems. Bookmakers make billions on people by giving people dogshit odds and dressing them up as Welcome Odds or Amazing Accumulator Odds.  Bookmakers make billions and then you have guys on twitter who want to charge people for his football predictions as well?

The concept of

They say that everything is about sales. They say that everything is about amazing content or prices. That may be, but the concept behind this site is value. The site is not gonna ask your email. You will not see any promos pop up on your screen. The content on this site will be the football bets, my thoughts and maybe a good journalist friend views on certain subjects. You certainly won’t be asked to pay for the football tips on the site.

So value is the currency here on the site but how does that actually work? It’s very simple. I want to share as many football bets from professional bettors as possible in order to give everyone a better chance of becoming profitable.

How can I do that? I am not a professional bettor? No, I am not but I am very passionate about the subject and here comes the value behind the value. I speak 7 languages and therefore, I can monitor, follow, translate and understand a great deal of information on websites, podcasts, & social media. The average UK bettor may be reading a few sites that predict Premier League matches and thats great. But what about the great betting tips that can be found in Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, Sweden, Norway or Finland?

Betting sites

Every bettor should inform themselves and follow a couple of dedicated betting sites that have dedicated people to analyse these matches. I follow 7 betting dedicated  sites in 7 different languages with focus on other leagues than Premier League. In general its tough to find value in the big leagues but in other leagues, like the Italian Serie B, Danish 1.Division, Swedish 1.Divison, Bookmakers don’t really monitor these markets as much as they do in the Premier League.

Anyway, my concept or idea for this website is to share all the best bets from foreign sportbetting sites, collect them here, let people find them and let them be inspired or downright use them. People may say that I am copying or stealing bets but thats far from the reality. All bets are free and available on the original betting site but a person who only speaks English will not find these bets on an Italian betting site. I am only making it available to more people in the sportbetting community and sharing what we all are looking for.

The site is new and have some small issues but over time, they will be fixed and I hope to add more features to the site as well.

Once again, Thank you for visiting and I hope you will find some betting inspiration.

“Sportsbetting is not a sprint but a marathon”.