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Real Madrid vs Chelsea:Football tips for today

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Real Madrid vs Chelsea  

BTTS+Over 2.5 Goals @1.95


What happened with Real Madrid  Saturday afternoon? They played a match, scoring twice and none of the goals had Benzema in a crucial role. Maybe very healthy that others, in this case Casemiro and Vazquez, can bid with goals for the white shirts, and then Benzema can, conversely, see if he can score a hat-trick for the third Champions League match in a row.

For Chelsea, on the other hand, it was a disastrous match, and Tuchel called it the 45 worst minutes at Stamford Bridge in his time. What especially went wrong for the English was their press game, where the aggression was actually present, but where it was not connected at all, and where the Spaniards could therefore play easily out of the pressure. At the same time, Vinicius Junior had good control of AC, which had to be replaced during the break, when Tuchel introduced a system change to curb the Brazilian.

At the weekend, Chelsea got back on track, and emphatically, when they won the whole 6-0 away against Southampton. Slightly needed optimism after a difficult period both on and off the field with unresolved ownership issues.

However, it should be a given that Real Madrid go on, but just as terrific they can be, just as deep they can fall, and Chelsea will smell blood if they get scored first. In addition, Madrid will have to compensate for the fact that Nacho will probably replace Militao, who is in quarantine, while they conversely hope to have Mendy ready after he sat over the weekend against Getafe.

For the visitors, Chilwell is out with injury, just as Azpilicueta hardly has time to file a negative test after he was tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday. I can see that there may be excitement about the outcome here, but Real Madrid is probably qualifying themselves.