Today’s Football Tips, Betting Insight & Predictions Update

Profitable Start shared its first football betting tip on 03.01.2021 and since then, we have posted 92 football bets. 49 wins, 42 lost, 1 push, ROI 15.04%, hitrate 53% and 16 units in profits. Not a bad start and we are are happy with the result.

Its not always easy to find the time to daily read multiple betting sites in different languages, listen to hour long podcasts, write it all down, update the website and post it out every day. But when it all ends in plus, then its somehow all worth it.

Needless to say, we will aim to be better for the next month but in reality, as long we are profitable then we are happy. Sportsbetting is not about hitting it big every week and expect to become a millionaire over the weekend. It’s not even about hitting a fold accumulator and think you are a real shark.

It’s about being consistent and be able to find value while applying discipline along with solid bankroll management. And that takes a lot of skill and patience. There are tons of games every day and sometimes it’s easy to be tempted to throw some money on a game and think it’s ok because you call yourself a sports bettor.


Sharing Football Betting Tips

As mentioned a while ago, we share bets because we are tired of the anti-Robin Hood mentality that has been growing steadily on social media. There are many groups and experts, especially on Twitter, that are willing to share their bets until they suddenly want money from their followers. We are all different but in a world where the bookmaker always wins, then why would you pay someone for tips.

Thats not sportsbetting. The guys that get your money are sports bettors and what we call anti- Robin Hoods. They don’t steal the money from the bookmakers, they steal from the poor weekend punters.

And again, thats fine for someone. But if you want to stop paying for football betting tips, and still keeping betting with the aim to win, then you can do two things: You can follow this site which don’t charge you a dime or learn how become a better bettor(also here on this site)

Whats Next?

Whats next is more bets and more football. We will keep adding bets and slowly improve the website with more knowledge articles, interviews and news.    We may hire someone to come abord to help source more bets in other countries or to focus on more niche leagues. So if you are an expert in any lower leagues in Luxembourg, Belarus or Malta, feel free to contact us. We aim to add football betting tips every day but occasionally we may not add any, simply because we haven’t found any value. The transparency bar will be updated as we go along and is 100% updated every sunday evening.

Thank you for support and lets keep betting.


“Sportsbetting is not a sprint but a marathon”.